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Project - Pure Domus
Project - Pure Domus
Project - Pure Domus

Pure Domus

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Pure Domus is brand striving to create eco-friendly and sustainable interior design products. They believe that everyone deserves a stylish and beautiful green home without it being damaging to our health or leaving a huge footprint on the Earth.

Pure Domus mission is to produce green and eco-friendly products for your home and make things commonly used in everyday life contribute to your living environment. They are aspired to create useful as well as functional products while at the same time protecting natural resources.

Project - Pure Domus


Well to start off I need to address the big elephant in the room and say – yes this is a brand where I am heavily involved as one of the co-owners so technically it’s not a “client” per say but nonetheless a large scale project that I have been doing for the over 4 years now.

My challenge was to create the brand look from: Logo, Brand Identity, Lookbook, Posters, Social media Banners and Photo content and most importantly the website.

This project helped me learn a lot more about ecommerce, how to set up payment methods and keep the costs from there as low as possible.

Project - Pure Domus


I needed to start from the sprout, the root of it all – the whole idea behind the brand and what it wanted to achieve. It took us 2 years to finally realize where we wanted to go and what should our focus be. And thus became the sentence for Pure Domus – Eco Friendly Luxury Products.

With that out of our way we knew instantly what the 2 main factors for Pure Domus was : Eco Friendly and Luxury. The logo revolved around the Eco Friendly part and all the print materials including the web held this minimal & luxorious feel. The photos we took with Rauno Liivand pushed our website to the best outcome we could have asked for. Now everything was cohesive and it felt like all the necessary parts of the puzzle were placed.

Project - Pure Domus

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