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Project - Oa Coffee
Project - Oa Coffee
Project - Oa Coffee

OA Coffee

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OA Coffee is an Estonian Roastery & Cafe situated in the heart of Tallinn. It was born out of a burning desire to do something simple and enjoyable while enjoying the process!

By 2018 Taniel the founder had been making coffee for 6 years. There was a lot of coffee roasted, but something was missing. One day he came up with the idea - to make a simple coffee for Estonians, and the name seemed to come to his mind - OA. And soon the first OA numeric coffee series was born - OA1, OA2 and OA3 (light, medium and dark roast). Time passed and OA has become more and more popular.


As with any online stores, my main challenge was to make it stand out. The main goal was to increase conversions trough the new store compared to the old one. As the brand shifted away from its old name and black tones it became to be a fresh organic blend with natural tones instead. We had 2 main goals set in mind

1. Create a B2B backend side of the website to manage business partners.

2. Create a visually appealing frontend side for the base customers together with as simple as UX as possible to allow good conversions.

Project - Oa Coffee


It was clear from the beginning that the product packaging and what they encompass is what needed to be brought to a visual highlight. OA Coffee landing page was designed to be as short as possible while being visually appealing enough to bring conversions.

My idea was to not to have any clutter, posts, blogs, numerous CTA-s, videos or any of that stuff. Idea was to  keep it both minimal, modern and appealing and I believe the goal was achieved. When customers see the product itself on the physical shelves and they somehow land on the website, they feel the same emotions, see the same colors and they understand the love behind the whole brand. 

As of writing this, the sites design and overall layout has changed, but there are still a lot of stuff still there that was my vision in the beginning.

Project - OA Coffee

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