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Project - Gloria




This project was created while working in "named" company as such the copyright belongs to them.

Restaurant gloria is located in the heart of Tallinn and has been sharing its hospitality for over 70 years. Behind the magical number there are hundreds of thousands of memorable taste experiences, happy moments and high guest visits which include but are not limited to prince Charles, Johannes Paul II, Rolling stones and Sting

Gloria, based on the traditions of estonian and french cuisine introduces different food cultures and old european classic culinary.

Gloria, innovative in form and conservative in content, has always offered the best that it has found in natural Estonia and reflects our four seasons.

Project - Gloria


Gloria was a project started by the company where I had briefly worked in. Clients earlier website was probably about 10 years old and needed a full redesign. The initial design for Gloria was with dark black/brownish tones combined with the rich bright brown. About halfway trough the client saw the need and potential for a new brand look and thus the initial design was scrapped. The new brand came with purple and rich brown tones as their new 2 primary colors and held a much stronger sense of richness and age.

I was able to use some earlier concepts that I had started with but most of the design came to be very different and I can safely say I love the new brand a lot more.

Project - Gloria


The new design for Gloria become to be quite fast. With the new brand book in front of me it was clear as a day of how the website should look. The large bold but yet sophisticated serif letters that popped in a very white space dominated design were the perfect choice to be used as graphical elements and nothing much else was needed.

By the words of Glorias founder the new site was to be as short as possible so the customers don’t have to scroll a lot. The main conversion was coming from bookings so we knew the menu was to hold only 2 elements – Burger menu for more choices and book a table CTA. 

The initial design done while working in the company came to be with few iteration but overall kept the same look and feel of what I had done. 

Project - Gloria

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