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Digiscope helps partners to keep clarity in everyday digital communication flow. They offer highly focused digital marketing strategies and implementation across the world. They build better ROI through data based connected-value-components (CVC-s) methodology.



While working for Digiscope I was tasked to create the new brand which would be modern and attract more customers.

I began doing a lot of research into colors, typography and trends that all revolve around digital marketing brands. Probably the largest challange for me personally was to put everything together including the illustrations where I am the weakest at.

We didn't have much of a portfolio to show either as the company was very young and we had only began creating more projects.

Project - Digiscope


Working together with our new young intern I had some help putting together a brand book and everything related to the brand such as colors, logo, guidelines, imagery and illustrations.

As the style of the brand was something i was most comfortable at, the design for the website came to be quite fast. The development took about 2 months but overall the whole project was a 4 month journey.



Project - Digiscope Preview Image