OA Coffee - Estonian coffee brand with exotic original flavors

Website Design


  • OA Coffee OÜ


  • Web design
  • UI / UX
  • Back End & Front end Development
  • Website Build
  • Custom E-Commerce


  • One Pager
  • Makecommerce Integration
  • Ecommerce & Multilingual
  • B2B Client Additions


  • SEO Setup
  • Analytics setup


Project Info


As with any online stores, my main challenge was to make it stand out. The main goal was to increase conversions trough the new store compared to the old one. As the brand shifted away from its old name and black tones it became to be a fresh organic blend with natural tones instead. We had 2 main goals set in mind : 1. Create a B2B back end side of the website & 2. Create a visually appealing front end side for the base customers.


I knew at the beginning that the product packaging and what they encompass is what needed to be brought to a visual highlight. OA Coffee landing page was designed to be as short as possible while being visually appealing enough to bring conversions. We didn’t want any clutter, posts, blogs, numerous CTA-s, videos or any of that stuff. I wanted to keep it minimal,modern, striking & appealing and i think i achieved that goal. When people see the product on the physical shelves and they somehow land on the website, they feel the same emotions, see the same colors and they understand the love behind the whole brand. 

Website Development

Reolink Website Overview

Check out the whole site at oa-coffee.com.


Website Design

How Does everything look

Check out all the images below showcasing the new look of the website including but not limited to : Landing page, Store page, Single Product page and backend B2B