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Printing core business is production and development of different types of custom produced packaging. They also produce high quality print: books, brochures and posters.

Printing family company was established in 1992 in Stockholm under the name of Infomark.

They help companies with design solutions, constructions, material choices, artwork, production and logistics. Printing main customers are the companies based in the Nordic countries and in the US.

Printing 25 years of working experience with very different types of packaging gives their customers the most suitable and priceworthy solutions.



Printing Partners was an amazing client from the beginning till the end who knew what they needed. My one and only challenge was to create a website where the design was to be minimal and incorporate their iconic emblem which you can see in the above the fold area of the design and have the user experience to be as simple as possible. The website was made to be mainly informational and not be overwhelmed with any sort of animations or slow loading times.

Project - Printing Partners


As the project was pretty straight forward and the client was absolutely wonderful to work with the solution to what the website was to look like and what pages it should incorporate came about in more less than 2 weeks.

To this day I still have an ongoing great relationship with the client and provide maintenance every few months.

Project was started and completed around year 2017



Project - Printing Partners