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About me

As a seasoned Lead Web Designer & Developer with a wealth of experience in the industry, I am thrilled to be working full-time at Net Group and co-owning the successful Pure Domus & Kahevahel Clothing brand.

My skillset is diverse, with a focus on WordPress for development and Figma and Adobe Photoshop for unique design solutions. My design aesthetic is ever-evolving, but I have a particular affinity for minimalistic and modern styles, as well as a love for experimenting with more avant-garde design trends such as brutal design.

Above all, my passion for my craft is unwavering, and my ultimate goal is to create designs and solutions that not only meet but exceed my clients' expectations, and stand the test of time.

I’m a Digital Designer based in the capital city of Estonia - Tallinn. Regardless of my full time job I also provide freelance services and the main one being Digital UI & UX design. I help projects go from zero to hero regardless of how large or hard the project might be.

Over the past few years I have developed a strong sense and love for posters. So it has come to be that besides digital UI design I also provide Poster design services or Social Media design services. 

Be it a simple landing page for your next awesome event or a new portfolio. Heck why not even think bigger and create your very own eCommerce business or a clean and conversions filled corporate website to show off your business? All of those can indeed become reality. 

Client - Coca Cola
Client - Elitex
Client - Hepsor
Client - Konsept
Client - Maru Betoon
Client - Pereoptika
Client - Printing
Client - Sal and Smit
Client - HML
Client - OA Coffee

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Estonia / Tallinn

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