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About me

Hi! I am a Lead Web Designer & Developer currently working full-time in Net Group. I am also a co-owner of Pure Domus & Kahevahel Clothing brand.

I work with different platforms for development but my main to go has become to be WordPress. For designs I always use Figma in conjunction with Adobe Photoshop to create unique designs for my clients. I am into many different artistic styles but my most common ones I have used over the years are minimalistic and modern. I love experimenting with different styles and as such styles like brutal design up my alley.

I am very passionate about what I do and my goal is to provide my clients with designs or solutions that they can be proud of and will not go out of style in just few years. 

I’m a Digital Designer based in the capital city of Estonia - Tallinn. Regardless of my full time job I also provide freelance services and the main one being Digital UI & UX design. I help projects go from zero to hero regardless of how large or hard the project might be.

Over the past few years I have developed a strong sense and love for posters. So it has come to be that besides digital UI design I also provide Poster design services or Social Media design services. 

Be it a simple landing page for your next awesome event or a new portfolio. Heck why not even think bigger and create your very own eCommerce business or a clean and conversions filled corporate website to show off your business? All of those can indeed become reality. 

Client - Coca Cola
Client - Elitex
Client - Hepsor
Client - Konsept
Client - Maru Betoon
Client - Pereoptika
Client - Printing
Client - Sal and Smit
Client - HML
Client - OA Coffee

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Estonia / Tallinn

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