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Website Design


  • SHG Estonia OÜ


  • Web design
  • UI / UX
  • Website Build
  • Custom E-Commerce


  • 8 Pages
  • Makecommerce Integration
  • Ecommerce & WPML
  • WordPress Build with custom development


  • SEO
  • Analytics
  • Social Media


Project Info


After the first year in SHG Estonia OÜ i was given the chance to create the market and e-store in Europe for chinese brand Reolink. A retail seller of high quality security cameras with 4G capabilities. The biggest issue behind all this was that the whole operation only had 2 people to kick it off. Me and my partner. Obviously with almost no earlier background in security cameras i was going to be mainly handeling the social media and the development + design of the whole online store.

Unfortunately by the time we were able to even finish the store i was given the opportunity to join another company which cut my time in this project to zero. To this date i am in love with what i created so I recreated the whole site in my own development subdomain but it came with a lot of bugs. Anyone who wants to visit the link please take note it is half baked and will most likely stay this way because of PHP server and updates.


For the whole design I knew we had to keep the Reolink brand look the same way as it was internationally. So i did a lot of research. Research on the products, their capabilities what they were uncapable of doing. Went over all of their media materials and composed the design that would in my opinion increase the sales by giving all the necessary information about Reolinks products to the customers. The main colors were blue and white with all the elements being modern and techy. 

The createst challange was to develop the whole custom product pages which i was able to do by using the Shopkeeper theme available on codecanyon. As a web designer my development skills are not as advanced to build a custom store but by customizing the theme i was able to learn a lot and create what i had in my mind.

Website Development

Reolink Website Overview

Check out the whole site in my development subdomain created wholely for the purpose of keeping the Reolink design alive. The domain will forever stay like this with the bugs and errors as by that time the PHP version was so outdated i can’t update the site to be fixable.


Website Design

How Does everything look

Check out all the images below showcasing the old state  of the website including its store page and single products page that were the hardest to build.