City Keeltekool - Language school in the heart of Tallinn

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Project Info


City Keeltekool (City Language School) was established in 2011, amongst the high-rise buildings in the heart of Tallinn. The school has a contemporary outlook and has embraced new possibilities and developments in language education. My challenge was to create a website that would feel attractive to both younger people and adults where they could get all the necessery information about the school and book themselves to the language courses.

Within the design the happy and playful elements had to be animated to give the user a sense of “Hey we also like to have fun and are not only a bunch of serious teachers”


The school has courses for kids, juniors, adults, work, travel and few more which meant i had to start illustrating elements that all encompass those. Our best solution to not mislead the user was to place all the most important subpage links in a playful way to the homepage. Homepage was now a place where you could book to a course in seconds and find the information about other courses fast.

I added a custom side menu to spice up the custom design of the page and make it all cohesive with the brand.

Website Development

City Keeltekool Website Overview

Check out this short visual representation of City keeltekool homepage sliding with all of its glorious hand coded animations.


Website Design

How Does everything look

Check out all the images below showcasing the current state ( 01.01.2020 ) of the website including its most used and gone trough pages based on the data Google Analytics.